Making diesel work longer, cleaner and more efficiently


The name OCTCET was derived from the word OCT (Octane) and CET (Cetane).


To be able to participate successfully in an environment where the quest for a more efficient use of energy is a priority, OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K® has ensured that the uniqueness in the development of our flagship product, OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K®, is based on exclusive chemistry, substantiated not only by way of the formulation of different components and organic intermediates, but primarily on a very sophisticated and unique reaction process.


In the process extensive research and development was done including comprehensive scientific and practical testing over a period spanning almost a decade.


Using OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K® treated diesel will result in significant savings in operational, fuel and maintenance cost, will lead to the optimization of resources, maximization of efficiency, and position our customers as an efficient and reliable organizations that cares about their reputation, improving performance, reliability, sustainability, progress, the quality of life and the environment.


The savings incurred will result in the availability of more funds and enable customers to make additional investments in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, human resources and other areas and sectors that will improve their bottom line.


Our customers will be perceived and experienced as accountable, innovative and credible businesses and organizations by stakeholders, shareholders and the broader community it serves and operates within.

OCTCET Overview -  a pictorial journey


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