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Central and South America (Distributors)

Sergio Latini

Professional of the Commercial Area - Sales, Service and After Sales / Product Support – with extensive background developed in leading companies like WARTSILÄ, CAT, DEUTZ, KOMATSU and others, experienced in the Business to Business and Business to Consumer segments, with customers in the Marine; Energy; Oil & Gas; Rental; Construction; Mining markets, among others.


Broad knowledge of the Energy Market and its new concepts as: Distributed Generation, Peak Shaving / Sharing, Cogeneration and others. Focused on customer businesses and personal relations, solution / result oriented, developed skills to build; lead and work in multifunctional teams.


Experienced in planning, managing and developing businesses; project management; consulting; feasibility studies; network / dealer development; creating / aiming value-added solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs to the Customer´s company / product / service.


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering; Master degree in Business Administration and several refresher and specialization courses; trips overseas; active participation in specialized seminars and the issuing of white-papers and articles complete his skills.

Alexandre Leibel

Alexandre Leibel has over 25 years’ experience as an engineering manager and executive, with his professional experience spanning the areas of physical asset management, operations and maintenance, as well as logistics and supply chain expertise. His wide ranging experience has placed him in executive assignments in the fields of energy, mining and industrial manufacturing.

Gaston Aragon

Gaston Aragon is a an experienced power and energy industry executive, having served as a senior executive for a number of international power equipment producers, including the Caterpillar Corporation, throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean.

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