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OCTCET at a Glance

OCTCET at a Glance

Most of the important breakthroughs and achievements in the world have been accomplished by a team of enthusiastic people who have diligently persevered and at OCTCET we are committed to perseverance and excellence.


We are continuously passionate and optimistic about the various benefits OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K® brings about and therefore we place a high premium on the importance of continued R&D which undeniable will lead us to future technological breakthroughs, improvements and achievements and increased market share.




  • What is OCTCET35/OCTCET35K®?

    OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K® is a multifunctional performance enhancing oxygenated diesel fuel additive.


    OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K® is a proprietary blend of organic intermediates.


    The most unique feature of the product is that it is basically oxygen in an organic liquid form. The outstanding efficiency results are due to the peroxide bond and the radicals generated by thermal homolytic cleavage of that bond.



  • How does OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® work?

    OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® delivers oxygen at the moment of combustion and enriches the oxygen environment in the combustion chamber.


    OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® has the ability to address multiple aspects in diesel, improve all around efficiency and performance resulting in improved performance, economic, environmental and financial benefits with no side effects on the engine or components.


    In the manufacturing, blending and reaction process of OCTCET35/OCTCET35K®, oxygen was encapsulated in a way that it is easy and safe to handle, transport and store like any other liquid with the added value of the peroxide bond - which will behave just like oxygen gas to enrich the fuel mixture leading to more complete combustion. Every atom of OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® encapsulates two oxygen atoms. The oxygen content in the product is in an organic form that is compatible with all diesel fuels.


    The insertion of oxygen in the fuel (oxygenated fuel) when diesel is treated with OCTCET35/OCTCET35K®, due to its high volume of active oxygen content, results in:


    • An increase in fuel efficiency - savings in fuel usage.
    • An increased Cetane number.
    • An engine running more efficiently.
    • Reduction in friction and the wear scar.
    • Reduction in temperature and heat in the combustion chamber.
    • Improved performance and power.
    • Substantial reduction of harmful emissions and smoke.
    • Reduction in soot, iron, tin, sodium, metal and fuel content in the oil.
    • More complete combustion.
    • Quicker start-up and reduction in ignition delay time (especially in colder weather).
    • Reduction in emissions and smoke.
    • Reduced carbon build-up – a cleaner engine and much more.


    One of the most important additional characteristics of OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® is that it encapsulates oxygen molecules and when the diesel fuel is treated, it results in the fuel being an oxygenated fuel.


    In recent studies on the effect of the structure of model oxygenated fuel molecules on particulate formation under diesel engine combustion conditions, it was found that particulate emissions were significantly reduced and that the emissions reductions depended not only on the amount of oxygen in the fuel, but also on the oxygenate structure.


    The high oxygen content of 35% (by weigh and 9.8% active oxygen) results in a substantial reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Total Hydrocarbons (THC), Particulate Matter (PM) emissions and smoke. OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® burns away completely and leaves no residue in the combustion chamber.

  • Scientific lab testing

    OCTCET35/OCTCET35K®  was tested by more than 21 labs on three continents. All scientific tests were performed (where applicable) in accordance with EPA, International ISO, ASTM, SAE, AAR-RP, SFAT, BSFC & EMA standards, OEM requirements, cycles, protocols and specifications.



  • Practical testing and usage

    Practical tests conducted on and actual usage of OCTCET35®/OCTCET35K®  treated diesel in the USA, Africa, Central and South America exceeds 44 million+ miles (73 million+ kilometers) and more than 2.1 million hours (Non-road and off-road) of runtime.

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