Our History

OCTCET Clean Fuel (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa, by individuals who have long been interested in the dynamics of the development of performance enhancing chemicals and additives.

OCTCET, Inc. USA was established in February 2012 and an office was opened in Houston’s Energy Corridor.

Unique chemistry was applied to ensure a product with multiple characteristics, especially the ability to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, was completed in 2010. The application was branded as OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® (A registered trademark).

OCTCET35/OCTCET35K® has sound scientific and empirical evidence as substantiated by more than 21 international accredited testing facilities and labs which performed verification tests in accordance with sound scientific principles, EPA requirements and international ISO Standards, ASTM and other protocols.

Dawid J. Pieterse, Chief Operating Officer and Leon J. Els, Chief Administration Officer joined forces with Albert H. Myres Sr. (Chief: Business Development and Regulatory Officer) former Chief of Staff: Shell, North America and J. Harold Hatchett III (Chief Financial Officer) former CFO: Shell, North America in August and September 2012 respectively.

Jo Lambinon was appointed in June 2013 as Managing Director of OCTCET Clean Fuel (Pty) Ltd. Jo, based in the RSA, manages all company operations in OCTCET Clean Fuel (Pty) Ltd and is a member of the OCTCET Leadership Team.

Agents and distributors are in the USA, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico and Honduras.


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